Let us help bring out the monster in you!

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Being a monster isn’t easy. It takes braun, ferociousness, determination, and Monster Madness Face Paints. Everyone wants to be a monster at sometime in his or her life. We all need to let it out, hopefully without losing friends in the process. (Monster laugh: ha ha!)

Use your imagination and become the Monster you always wanted to be; the beautiful green vampire with long fingernails, the scary, scared Frankenstein monster, or one of the walking dead Zombies that explore the night. Become a monster with our Monster Madness Face Paints, and do it the safe way, without losing family and friends.

Monster Madness Face Paints are long lasting, wash off easily, and allow the skin to breathe. They do not include any harmful ingredients and are safe for the whole body. They come in interlocking, stackable professional kits that are easy to work with.

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