face-paint-300x200 | Go Green Facepaint Houston, TX.Did you know that men, women and children have painted their faces almost since the beginning of time?

Did you know scientists have discovered what they think are Neanderthal make-up containers in some caves in Spain? Neanderthals used yellow paint and red powder, likely on their faces.

Did you know that in Japan for hundreds of years, Japanese girls have become Geishas and painted their faces and necks with a thick white paste? They paint their lips with red lipstick and put red and black makeup around the eyes.

Did you know that people in India and the Middle East still paint brides with dyes made of henna as they have for thousands of years?

Did you know the ancient Egyptians painted their faces, especially their eyes in exotic extensions reaching to the hair line? See Ezekiel 23:40 in the Bible where the practice is mentioned.

Did you know that some Native American tribes developed a color code for painting their faces? Red meant they were going to war, white meant peace, black meant they were getting ready for war, and yellow represented death. Green was used under the eyes to give night vision.

Did you know that colored makeup was used symbolically in Ancient Sanskrit Theatre in India? Bramah and the Sun wore gold makeup, the gods wore orange, high-caste characters wore red makeup, and low-cast characters wore blue.

Did you know that in Europe of the 17th and 18th Centuries, ladies wore stick-on patches shaped like hearts, the moon, the sun, and stars on their faces? They were called mouches and they hid blemishes and scars caused by smallpox

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I of England (1533 – 1603), had an estimated one-inch layer of makeup on her face when she died. People at that time were afraid to bathe because the water was thought to bring on the plague.

Did you know that in the 1960s hippie movement, women painted flowers and peace signs on their cheeks as protests against war and the culture of the time? They were called “flower children.”

Did you know that today soldiers paint their faces as camouflage, sometimes with mud so they will blend in with the environment? Hunters do the same thing so the animals won’t spot them.

Did you know that Go Green Face Paints are a safe, non-toxic way to do face painting today? They are great for birthday parties, Halloween, sporting events, or for a creative experience on a rainy afternoon. They are a safe, fun alternative to the other harsh, chemical-based face paints available in today’s marketplace. They are long lasting, allow the skin to breathe, and are easily washed off. And, they come in customized color sets with labels on the bottom of each jar giving the entire ingredients.