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Do you want to be a Clown?

Clowns make life wonderful for the rest of us. They do funny, silly, and even impossible tricks. They may be happy or sad, but whatever they are, they make us laugh. Do you want to feel the joy of children’s laughter?

Do you want to entertain children at parties in backyards, or are you the child clown who wants to make their family laugh? Or, maybe you want to be a clown in the circus and get paid a bundle for your marvelous tricks?

Which do you want to be?

Clowns are well known for hiding behind masks of makeup. Makeup frees their clownish and creative spirits, it frees them to perform wonderful tricks, do unbelievable acrobatics, and make us laugh.

Go Green Face Paints will help free your clownish and creative spirit. Look like your favorite clown and contribute to the laughter in the world. Our color sets can open up a new world of fun and laughter for you, your family, your community, and your world.

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