Go Green Face Paint was formed to offer a safe, organic and locally made (USA) option for children’s face paints.

Wimages | Go Green Facepaint Houston, TX.e at Go Green Face Paint believe that face painting should not only be fun, but should be safe too. We live in a global economy that is dependent on petroleum and other chemicals, and there are concerns about these preservatives and chemicals being added to face paints and then applied to our children’s faces. Go Green Face Paint products are guaranteed to contain no lead or heavy metals, and no parabens or other preservatives.

Allergies are also on the rise, so it is important for a product to have its ingredients listed on the label. If you can’t find the ingredients listed on a product, you should not use that product. Each jar of Go Green Face Paints lists all of the ingredients in that jar on the bottom of that jar for your protection.

Our products are not imported from other countries, but are made 100% in the USA with all organic ingredients. It is important to us that the product we supply meets FDA and EPA requirements which other countries are not required to meet. We use a rice-cream base, which is not only organic, but goes on your brush easily, transfers to skin smoothly, and cleans up well.

“All real works of art look as though they were done in Joy.” Robert Henri – Painter

When you give people the opportunity to immerse their imaginations in a character, it becomes an opportunity to investigate who they are as people. We know who we are by studying others, and Go Green Face Paint is a great door into the magical world of the imagination.

We believe that this “world of the imagination” stimulates a happier world for all of us!